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Background: July 2018

Role: Graphic Design

Tools: Adobe Suite




This project began after I was introduced to a nonprofit in New Delhi, India called Pins and Needles, that empowers women in underprivileged situations by teaching them how to embroider and sell their work. In 2018, I partnered with Pins and Needles to create Project Patch, a social enterprise-type venture. I decided to buy hand-embroidered work from this group of women, and then convert and sell the embroidery as iron-on patches in the US. I chose to market my products towards a target demographic of young women (ages 15-25). 


At the beginning of this venture, the patches I sold featured embroidery with pre-made, generic designs from templates. Soon after starting, I chose to design a series of original patches to better tailor my product towards my demographic and represent Project Patch’s mission of empowering women. 


1) Through Project Patch, I have sold more than 100 total patches and patch products, resulting in $1420 in sales

2) ~65% of total sales made have been from my originally-designed patches, making up more than half of Project Patch's revenue


Create a product that the consumer can better relate to; success metric: product sales


Design original patches that are feminine, vibrant, and natural

The patches I sell are emblematic of each Indian women's journey with embroidery, and serve as pieces of her own progress with the craft. No two patches sold are exactly the same. Therefore, I wanted to design patches that illuminated this sentiment, while also creating a product that my target demographic would be excited to wear and buy.



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Pins and Needles consists of over 40 incredible women in New Delhi who embroider and sew. I had the privilege of going to India in 2018 and meeting six women who embroidered for Project Patch: Sunita, Jyoti, Ani, Pragyan, Basanti Roy, and Amrita. These women made my vision come to life.

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