Background: June - December 2020

Role: Product Design Intern

Diff tool mock-up (information has been redacted)


I have been interning at Nuna as a Kleiner Perkins Design Fellow over the Summer and Fall of 2020. Nuna is an enterprise healthcare tech startup that creates software tools to support the adoption and implementation of value-based healthcare models.*

Here’s what I've done so far: 

  • Designed, tested, and shipped a dashboard to track the ROI of a Nuna tool that matches patients with doctors who best fit their needs; will track 340K+ patients annually 

  • Led end-to-end research, design, and testing of a diff tool which will ship; will speed up internal engineering processes 

  • Researched and completed low-fidelity exploration around customizable service categorization 

Unfortunately I’m unable to publicly share out more information regarding my work at Nuna. To learn more please contact me!

* The American healthcare system is largely based on a fee-for-service model where health providers are financially incentivized to provide a large volume of services to patients. A value-based model, however, shifts the incentive away from the quantity of services to the quality of services. By incentivizing providers to prioritize quality in their treatments, patients reap the benefits of a more personalized, lower-cost healthcare system. 

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